The Lettera G Candlestick is a Modern Pop-Up of an Antique Design

 - May 1, 2013
It's certainly an art form to be able to marry the styles of the past and present into a harmonious object that references both eras. The Lettera G Candlestick is one of such items, taking the elegant forms of antique french candelabra and recreating them with an industrial material that's manipulated in its usual way.

A thin sheet of metal, in the shape of a rectangle, is folded neatly down the middle so that the slightly angled left and right leaves create a stable base. On one side, the outline of an old flambeau is cut out, and this silhouette is creased and bent towards the other face. The Habits Lettera G Candleholder integrates small bases for each stick, exuding a contemporary asymmetricality with an old-fashioned flair.