The L'Ascari ManCandles Offers Gentleman a More Manly Fragrance

 - Apr 30, 2013
References: & gearhungry
Any guys looking to include a more manly fragrance in their home will absolutely love L'Ascari's ManCandles, which offers a more masculine scent to your room.

These unique candles are handmade from Australia and are made from pure soy wax. What makes this product so clever is its creatively marketed manly scents, which includes Vodka & Schnapps, Expresso, Sawdust and Old Oak Tree. These clever candles are geared toward males looking to stay away from the more feminine fragrance products, and those who would rather have something that smells more rugged and tough.

If you're looking to light up some candles but can't stand the ordinary floral or girly scents, then these ManCandles and its masculine smells will certainly spark your interest.