The Alite Sexy Hotness Camp Sleeping Bags Zip Together to Retain Heat

 - May 13, 2017
References: alitedesigns & coolthings
Retaining heat is key when sleeping outdoors to ensure that you don't find yourself shivering in the night, so the Alite Sexy Hotness Camp Sleeping Bag is intended to offer a solution for multiple campers to utilize. The sleeping bag is capable of being zipped together with additional sleeping bags in order for multiple people to sleep in close quarters to share their body heat to keep everyone cozy for the whole night.

The Alite Sexy Hotness Camp Sleeping Bag features strategically placed zippers for allowing the bag to be worn when you wake up in the morning to prevent you from having to exit from the warm covers. This allows the user to extend their arms and legs out of it to walk and enjoy the morning as they please.