The 'C by GE Lamp' Houses the Amazon Alexa Program

 - Dec 12, 2016
References: cbyge & fastcodesign
The C by GE Lamp has a striking design, but its functionality is even more surprising. The lamp's light emits from a unique halation orbiting a squat cylindrical base, but that base is where the impressive technology really resides. That's because the C by GE Lamp can act as a housing for the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant.

Typically, Amazon Alexa's software and hardware lives in the Google Echo device (or some other piece of technology design solely for virtual assistants.) However, these virtual assistant devices do nothing other than acting as the physical instantiation of hardware. As long as the piece houses the requisite microphone and circuitry (both of which are quite small,) any device could theoretically be Alexa.

This is exactly the idea behind the C by GE Lamp. It is an attempt to add some beauty to the helpful software physical existence.