Amendment 11's Bulletproof Backpacks are a Potential Life Saver

 - Dec 21, 2012
References: dvice & gizmodiva
As the United States continues to reel from the devastating massacre, parents are trying to find more ways to keep their kids protected, which is where Amendment 11's bulletproof backpacks come in.

The backpacks comes equipped with a nanotube armor, which will be able to protect any bearer of the bag from potential flying bullets. More specifically, it is lined with a "RynoHide armor," which is said to be stronger than any other bag available on the market. Of course, worrying about your kids in this way is not a common thing to fear. Due to the recent tragedy, more and more worried parents are coming forth and searching for other methods to protect their children.

These bulletproof backpacks bags are not only functional but they come in some adorable Disney varieties. This includes princesses or Avengers designs or for those seeking more simple bags, there are also plain two-toned bags as well.