Brinca Dada Burgo Blocks Incorporate Touch and Sight in Play

 - Mar 22, 2013
References: brincadada & kidcrave
The rates at which a child develops in terms of senses can be relatively situational, but Brinca Dada Burgo blocks help to fine-tune touch and sight by using the features in the small wooden game. The blocks use a combination of shapes and colors to encourage children to make everything align in the correct fashion.

Sensory stimulation is a fantastic way to help a young child develop and Brinca Dada Burgo blocks do so in a fun way that updates traditional toys. Basic wooden blocks are best for building, but this set from Brinca Dada is more like a puzzle that needs to be solved. Shapes need to be correctly aligned and colors grouped accordingly. The game can be switched up by changing the rules: put colors of the same spectrum together or arrange them from coolest to hottest.