Bright Spark Rocking Sheep is a Whimsically Woolly Stallion Substitute

 - Jan 14, 2012
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The iconic rocking horse is a successful time-tested toy for young children, but its wooden form is a little hard on toddlers with questionable balance. The Bright Spark Rocking Sheep is an adaptation of a design by Povl Kjer which replaces the graceful muscular creature with a soft and stocky one.

It might remind you of the sport of sheep riding for bull riding beginners, but ultimately this endearing piece is designed to charm youngsters with a sense of safety and amusement. The woolly texture of genuine sheepskin provides sensory intrigue and fluffy cushioning. Beneath it, a handmade animal-shaped frame of Baltic birch plywood acts as a sturdy structure for the Bright Spark Rocking Sheep, extending into a pair of long shallow rockers for steady swaying.