Anomalie Wedding Dresses are Cutting the Costs for Brides

 - Nov 16, 2017
References: dressanomalie
Anomalie, a San Francisco-based startup is hoping to lessen the cost of weddings with a unique direct-to-consumer model that's making bridal dresses more affordable.

For years, people have been paying thousands of dollars for something they'll only wear once, but with a streamlined production process and an innovative distribution model, this brand is offering high-end, custom-made dresses at a fraction of the cost. Anomalie substitutes luxury bridal showrooms for an easy-to-navigate website, which invites the bride-to-be to bring a unique wedding vision to life. Those looking to customize their own dress can begin with talking to a digital stylist, from there, the brand works with each consumer, scheduling online consultations to finalize the fabric, cut and sizing.

Through partnering with the same suppliers used by luxury boutiques, Anomalie offers its consumers high-quality, custom-made dresses at a fraction of the cost.