Brian Jungen Reconstructs Shoes into Abstract Masterpieces

 - Aug 14, 2012
References: & sweet-station
Sneaker aficionados will probably toss and turn as they browse through this Brian Jungen gallery of mangled shoe sculptures, but they can rest easy knowing it was at least for the sake of art. In this series, titled ‘Prototype for New Understanding,’ Jungen uses numerous Air Jordans as his medium and stitches the pricey footwear into new configurations mimicking tribal masks and other oddities. Some of the sculptures even have hair on them to further emphasize the facial characteristics of his creations. It simply does not get any more bizarre than these works.

Fans of Brian Jungen will know that he’s a master of using recycled materials to fashion new and artful masterpieces. Be sure to check out his website for baseball mitt totem poles, lawn chair dinosaur skeletons and much more.