The Sewer to Brewer Beer is Made Using Pee and Solar Energy

 - Jul 29, 2016
References: & incrediblethings
The Sewer to Brewer beer might be one of the most innovative examples of transforming waste into a commodity product thanks to the University of Ghent that has found a way to transform urine into beer. The process is credited to solar energy that is able to separate the properties of the urine and extract the water that is then repurposed into beer.

While unusual, the Sewer to Brewer beer provides a way that human extract can be repurposed. The team at the University of Ghent put together a boiler system powered by the sun that is able to break down the urine and extract the water. The water is purified so that it is drinkable again, and then converted into beer.

The beer was served at a local music festival.