This LED Light Installation by B-Reel Changes Colors as Guests Breathe

 - Aug 18, 2015
References: b-reel & xethru
B-Reel created this beautiful light installation, which resembles a massive crystal chandelier that changes color as guests inhale and exhale. The suspended light installation is comprised of individually hand-wired LED lights.

The installation titled 'Prana' has the ability to change colors as guests breathe in and out through a customized JavaScript code, which is connected to each light's wiring. The glittering lights are presented as a 12' by 12' hanging sphere. Guests stand in front of a xethru radar sensor, which detects breathing and transforms each breath into data that can be read by the computer code.

Prana aims to celebrate the invisible energy produced by the human body by connecting it with a physical demonstration. The name Prana references "a cosmic life force that originates in the sun and enters the body through the breath," which perfectly depicts this illuminating light installation.