These Batman Breakfast Cakes Feature the Dark Knight's Emblem

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: nerdist & nerdist
Fans of Gotham's infamous Dark Knight will enjoy these breakfast cakes that cleverly feature the hero's bat emblem etched into the pancake with bacon design. These pancakes cleverly pay tribute to Batman and his iconic status with a fun, edible dish.

While this Batman pancake looks incredibly artistic and complicated to pull off, it is surprisingly easy to put together. The recipe begins with homemade pancake batter made from flour, sugar, eggs and milk that is whisked and poured into a pan. After the cakes are cooked the bat signal is etched in using a template and an x-acto knife. The trick is to cut half way through the cake to pull off only the top layer. This will create a bat-shaped pocket in the pancake that can then be filled with chopped bacon and maple syrup.