Japan's Newest Craze is a Netted Garment that Repels Insects

 - Jul 29, 2015
References: newlaunches
The 'Netsmen' is a mosquito-repelling body suit, designed to keep one protected from bug bites. While many fight mosquitos with insect spray, Japan's population is embracing bug repelling tactics of a different kind.

Inspired by protective mosquito nets, these bug-repelling body suits result in a heightened level of safety. Made from a perforated material, these light-weight and breathable suits manage to keep one cool while blocking out bug entry -- thanks to compact openings that measure a mere 1mm in size.

As consumers grow more cautious, retailers are marketing to this safety-focused demographic with products that provide peace of mind. This body suit is an example that illustrates consumers' appreciation for protective products that will keep them safe in today's hazardous world.