The Body Part Chocolate by Visual Anatomy are Juicy

 - Sep 18, 2013
References: visualanatomy & designtaxi
Not that we're any closer as a species to eating brains, but the "anatomically correct" bod part chocolate by Visual Anatomy is as close we'll get to eating real body parts today.

Packaged in over 20 different organs and body parts, the freshly carved chocolates are shaped in various gut-churning shapes, such as a veiny heart, mushy brain, an eye, lungs, liver, kidney, vertebrae and even some color-coded sperm. The chocolates come in a variety of packages, such as in a box set, on a stick and even an enlarged version that weigh up to a pound. The box sets are priced at $30.95, while the individual pieces are $2.25 each.

Approaching Halloween, the thought of feasting on these may appeal to many, but the sight of each of these body part chocolate pieces at a closer scale certainly gets the gut turning inside and out.