Chadwick Tyler's Bodies of Water Features Tasteful Passionate Nudes

 - Jul 26, 2013
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The latest photo series by Chadwick Tyler, titled 'Bodies of Water,' consists of tastefully captured nudes that are at once passionate and calm. Each of Tyler's photographs shows a nude female model lounging around a swampy marshland, looking completely at peace with the nature surrounding her.

One photo in particular channels this attitude. In this frame, the model is standing in the middle of a rainstorm, completely naked. Her palms are upturned to catch the raindrops, while her eyes are closed, and a serene smile glimmers across her face. The photo as a whole channels a naturalistic vibe, in keeping with the series' title. By calling it 'Bodies of Water,' Tyler has enhanced the photos' connection with nature. The titular "Bodies" refers to the nude woman, while the "water" referes to the marshland surrounding her.

With this photo series, Tyler has proven that nude photography does not automatically entail perversion; when done tastefully, nude photography is often beautifully artistic.