Johannes Stotter's Camouflage Body Art Hides People in Plain Sight

 - Jul 28, 2013
References: & laughingsquid
Johannes Stotter's incredible camouflage body art has already caused a huge splash all over the Internet. His ability to paint people with enough detail to hide them amidst complex backgrounds is truly astounding, proving that artistry can appear in the most unexpected of forms.

His most stunning creation is possibly a body painting of a woman who lies against a backdrop of autumnal leaves. The leaves' red, orange, and yellow hues each warm the camera, hinting at the coming fall. Hidden against this backdrop is a nude woman, painted perfectly with the pattern of these leaves. She is so hidden, in fact, that it might take a second look to get the full effect.

It's no small feat to create body paintings that camouflage people so soundly and effectively. Hopefully Johannes Stotter will create some more fantastic body art to further astound and impress his fans.