BOCA Fire Station Has a Sleek, Modern Design

 - Dec 20, 2017
References: archdaily
Fire stations are most commonly associated with modernist American Gothic architecture, but BOCA Fire Station in Veracruz, Mexico, shows that the public buildings need not necessarily conform to that mold. The building employs a distinctly contemporary style, harnessing gestures from movements like Bauhaus and brutalism rather than falling back on tired tropes.

Part of the visual interest in BOCA Fire Station is a result of the area on which it sits. The property is shaped like a sharp scalene triangle, which forced the architects behind the building to use creative structurations on both the interior and exterior.

The building itself is entirely raised on columns that encircle the base, giving the building a floating appearance that the architects refer to as "a floating boat, in the middle of an urban sea."