'Fluxland' is a Floating Art Piece to Provoke Viewer Reflection

Fluxland is a floating art installation designed by Cyril de Commarque that is designed to provoke a sense of reflection from the viewer through the use of mirrors. The piece is a boat that floats in water and is made of reflective sheets placed geometrically to create angular forms. As viewers gaze upon the installation, they have prompted to contemplate themselves as well as the society that surrounds them.

The installation merges both sound and visual to create an immersive experience for viewers. Though the boat remains stationary, it is designed to create sound while the polyhedron shape of the boat and the mirrored material prompt reflection -- both literal and meta. The polyhedron shape dates back to ancient Grecian times, further drawing on themes of philosophy and extensive thought.

Cyril de Commarque: Fluxland, from 8 September 2016. Various locations, River Thames, London.

This event is part of Totally Thames that runs from 1-30 September 2016.