Bnn The Pitch Jeremy Gutsche

 - Nov 12, 2012
References: watch.bnn
In this engaging episode of BNN's The Pitch, innovation keynote speaker, award-winning author and Chief Trend Hunter Jeremy Gutsche explores the topics of local communities translated to the online sphere and sober driving via new alcohol detection technologies. Accompanied by esteemed judges and fellow entrepreneurs Larry Wesser of Rotman School of Management and Robert Munro of the Chrysalis Group, Gutsche listens to -- and analyzes -- the 90-second pitches of Saskia Wijngaard of City Chattr and Catherine Carroll of Sober Steering.


The first entrepreneur up to bat is Saskia Wijngaard, President of City Chattr. City Chattr is a social networking site dedicated to engaging those living within the same Ontario community, and though the social media market is a crowded one, City Chattr sets itself apart using its local charm.

Second up is Catherine Carroll of Sober Steering, a technology system dedicated to early detection of alcohol in drivers' skin. Competing with such tried and tested technologies as breathalyzer tests, Sober Steering fights this noble cause using revolutionary technology that costs less and is more accessible for all.

Check out the episode to see how the panel responded.