Bnn Jeremy Gutsche On Interactive Retail

 - Jan 10, 2011
References: watch.bnn
Jeremy Gutsche was recently interviewed on BNN for his views on how retailers are bringing interactive concepts into their advertisements and campaigns, giving their target audiences a say on what makes it to production for sales both in-store and online.

In this feature, Gutsche discusses with the Executive Director of Schulich Executive Education Centre Alan Middleton examples of brands which use interactive retail in their promotions, along with the concept of "social location" -- how retailers use social media as a platform to put their creative campaigns on the geographical map. From touching upon interactive burlesque sites to discussing crowdsourced fashion designs, Gutsche provides proof on how the consumer now plays an even larger role in today's market.

Check out the first half of the full 12-minute clip here!

Check out the second half of the full 12-minute clip here!