This Opaque Pavilion Uses Blue Fishnet String & Sits on the Beach

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: aljoudlootah & tagloom
This stunning blue fishnet installation by Aljoud Lootah resides on the beachfront, which is where the sculpture's inspiration was found. This Dubai-based designer was able to combine historical culture and modern techniques to create the ‘Yaroof' installation. The pavilion-like display is based off of some traditional fishing techniques from the local area.

The use of blue fishnet as the focal material allowed the design to stand out upon the golden sand, while blending in with the crashing oceanic waves.

The installation looks like a collection of blue dreamcatchers that have been connected to create a unique and completely opaque shelter. Each side is shaped like an octagon and the mesh netting is woven in similar styles on each of the four sides. In the center of each side there is an obvious open hole that ensures the pavilion is complete symmetric.