Blippy Asks You What Your Friends Are Buying

 - Jan 2, 2010
References: blippy
Blippy is a site that lets the whole world get to know you based on your every purchase. How do you feel about everyone seeing your iTunes purchases? Your Netflix rental history? Your geographic location based on your recent purchases? That is what Blippy is all about.

Blippy asks you, "What are your friends buying?" This new social media outlet syndicates your recent purchases through a feed as you make them. Blippy allows you to link up accounts such as iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, and your credit cards. Once accounts are linked up, your purchases can be viewed by your Blippy friends. Like Facebook, your Blippy friends can comment and "like" your purchases. Not only does Blippy publish what store you recently shopped at and how much you spent, but some retailers have signed on and give detailed information about your purchases. I can’t wait to see what everyone is buying in 2010.