Prep for Cyber Monday 2012 Shopping with These Helpful Stats

 - Nov 26, 2012
The Cyber Monday 2012 shopping frenzy is upon us, so let's take a moment to reflect with these online shopping infographics.

While the annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales always incite shopping, e-commerce is a major part of modern business with more retailers and shoppers moving online every day. The online shopping industry is booming and according to these Internet Holiday Spending Statistics, we'll spend between $92 and $96-billion online this season.

The holiday season brings packed malls and pushy patrons, which is why some customers would rather ditch the experience altogether and purchase online from the comfort of their own home. These infographics will help you not only shop better during Cyber Monday 2012, but will also give you useful tips on how you can do some or all of your holiday shopping online.