From Face-Saving Apparel to Status Update T-Shirts

 - Jul 1, 2011
These social media fashion finds demonstrate just how much of an impact sites such as Twitter and Facebook are having on how humans now interact. Fashion retailers are now realizing that if it happens on Facebook, it can also be transformed into a hip type of apparel.

Status update t-shirts are just one example of how social media has worked its way into the fashion world. Similar Twitter designs are more recently being used as part of a jewelry collection labeled the "Twitter Handle Necklace." More business-savvy individuals are starting to make social media fashion sites to encourage sharing couture in a whole new way. These social media fashion finds are a great way to spice up any stylish wardrobe.

Implications - These social media developments in fashion take the power of familiarity and use it to sell an alternative product. Companies cannot underestimate how a customer is more likely to find comfort in recognition than buy a bran new, unknown commodity.