The Ready-to-Drink Black Tomato Spirit is Genuinely Made with Black Tomatoes

At the Tales of the Cocktail, the Black Tomato Spirit brand made its official launch, introducing consumers to a unique ready-to-drink product that is made from Sicilian black tomatoes. In terms of taste, Black Tomato Spirit is said to be "very pure, full of nuances of Merlot, salt and citrus, with a solid strength," with a subtle tomato flavor.

While there are many spirits and cocktails that are crafted to play up sweet flavors, the Black Tomato Spirit has the potential to create intriguing, savory drinking experiences. Black Tomato Spirit suggests recipes like 'Black Garden,' which features an egg white, lemon juice, pickle tomato paste and basil cordial.

The Black Tomato Spirit and Tonic are set to be distributed in the United States in late 2018.