The Treo Beverages Offer Organic and Low-Calorie Refreshment

 - Sep 29, 2016
References: businesswire
Treo Organic Birch Water Infusion is a new beverage that brings together the numerous benefits of organic birch water with a range of delicious flavors. What's great about the Treo birch water beverages is that they offer low calorie refreshment and also happen to be certified organic. The beverages feature plentiful Vermont birch water with natural sweetness, making for a delicious and healthy beverage.

This birch water product is the first ever beverage to make use of birch water sourced from American trees, and was developed by none other than Bob Golden, son of Snapple co-founder Hyman Golden. The beverages are available in four exciting flavors, namely strawberry, blueberry, coconut pineapple and peach mango, each of which promises delicious flavor and healthy hydration.

Treo Organic Birch Water Infusion is a fine example of a consumer beverage that offers health gains as well as delicious taste.