The 'Cyborg Heart Patch' Functions and Operates Like a Human Heart

 - Mar 15, 2016
References: & fastcompany
Researchers hailing from Tel Aviv University have put together a series of bionic heart tissues dubbed the 'cyborg heart patch' that are man-made, but function just like a human heart. The patch is made from a series of engineered as well as natural parts that allow the mechanical tissues to function like a breathing heart and even self-regulate the patch's function. This revolutionary discovery could potentially save dozens of lives by providing bionic tissue that can help improve and monitor heart function.

The 'cyborg heart patch' is engineered to be used over top of infected heart tissues to help increase functionality. The patch helps the heart to release and contract when it is naturally too weak to do so. The patch is also able to monitor when medication is needed to help support the heart's function.