Billy Jealousy Branding Targets the Eccentric Anti-Everyman

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: tractorbeam & packagingoftheworld
The rules of advertising are not black and white, as Billy Jealousy branding demonstrates in a counter-intuitive way. There are surely benefits to marketing products with mainstream themes, but at risk of boring consumers, companies find that the odd ones often win out.

Here we have a line of men's skin care solutions of which the merchandising challenge was to overpower new and fresh competitors. The Tractorbeam thus decided it was smart to market the collection to the American "everyman," guaranteeing great success across all demographics.

Paradoxically this was done by depicting photographs of eccentric characters on the packaging to whom few members of the public might relate. Billy Jealousy branding attracts itself a little more attention through its alternative quality and its quirky yet somehow familiar image.