Controvercial Returns to Times Square

 - Nov 20, 2008
References: gushmagazine
There’s going to be a huge commotion in Times Square this summer, and it’s not because Barack Obama is coming to town. Last July 1st in Times Square, a European toilet company unveiled their new marketing scheme: assvertising billboards. It caused such a stir that the court system became involved. After all of this, however, butts are rumored to return to NYC This summer and residents may once again be surrounded by the biggest butts they’ve ever seen.

Toto Washlet bought big-time billboard space last July 1st with hopes that America would become a big fan of their products. While the success of this unveiling was completely unpredictable, and ended up causing some major drama, it was a known fact that it would get everyone’s attention, no "butts" about it! Have a look at some traditional American butt-vertising while you’re here, and anticipate another Times Square stir this summer!