Betty Crocker Building Block Cake is a Tasty Toy Treat

 - Dec 12, 2011
References: bettycrocker & bookofjoe
Think about what LEGO means to you. Do the colorful toy bricks symbolize the innocence of childhood, amusement, logic or creativity? This Betty Crocker Building Block Cake recipe might literally stir up such memories and emotions while allowing you to explore the skills these knickknacks helped you to develop.

Cooking with a selection of ingredients is a different sort of challenge to snapping pieces of plastic together, but your final product will be just as sweet. Here, the method for baking, cutting, icing and assembling is explained step by step.

To make a Betty Crocker Building Block Cake, flatten the surface of your risen dessert, ice it with your favorite food coloring, apply matching iced marshmallow halves and you've got yourself a seriously fun snack.