Bentley's 'Power on Ice'

There's a special science to driving in inclement weather, and it's one that Bentley has taught in its 'Power on Ice' courses since 2006. The 2009 'Power on Ice' driving experience will be held in Finland, a veritable Eden for winter motorsports fans.

In February and March of 2009, Bentley's 'Power on Ice' experience will place privileged drivers behind the wheel of a rear drive, 560-610 horsepower Continental--on a frozen Finnish lake. This is a combination that bodes well for some powersliding and drifting fun in one of the sweetest cars on the market.

If the price of Bentley's 'Power on Ice' driving experience isn't a factor, the weather might be. According to Motor Authority, winter temperatures in Finland regularly dip to -30 degrees Celsius. Count me in--well, in spirit, at least.