This Fence Uses the Bee Stings to Ward Off Crop Raiding Elephants

 - Dec 13, 2015
References: mymodernmet & elephantsandbees
The organization 'Bees and Elephants' has come up with the ingenious solution of using a wild elephant's natural fear of bee stings to keep them away from crops.

Based out of Africa, this new initiative is designed to help reduce confrontations between herds of elephants who try and raid crops and the farmers who they raise them for their livelihood. Bee hives are simply placed 10 meters apart from one another around a plot of land, and are connected by steel wire. If the elephants trip the wire and disturb the bees, they're chased off by the angry swarm.

Elephants are naturally deterred from the hives because bee stings are actually extremely painful to the beast's sensitive trunks. This natural system not only keeps the pesky elephants away from crops, but it also gives the rural farmers a second source of income from harvesting honey as well.