These Bebionic Hands Are Designed For Women and Teens

 - Jun 29, 2015
References: bebionic & gizmag
This line of prosthetic bebionic hands is the very first advanced myoelectric hand built and designed specifically to fit women and teenagers. The prosthetic senses users' muscle movements and uses them to trigger individual motors in each finger.

The first person to have been fitted with these advanced bebionic hands is British woman Nicky Ashwell. A 29-year-old congenital amputee, Ashwell was born without a right hand. Since wearing the bebionic hand, she has been able to enjoy simple but significant conveniences and pleasures such as "being able to carry my purse while holding my boyfriend's hand."

Ashwell says she has also been able to do things she could never have done before, such as riding a bike and lifting weights. That itself goes to show the power these bebionic hands have in them to help alter and transform the lives of female and teenage amputees.