These Bearded Female Celebrities are Burly

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: freakingnews & popgive
The Photoshop wizards over at have produced a slew of bearded female celebrities that might have a hard time getting through the casting stage. Bearded ladies were a staple of the old-time circus scene, but as far as modern attractions go, they are a rare breed.

The brilliant minds behind these ferociously fibrous Photoshops would not stand for this poverty of female facial hair. No, they went straight to work adorning some of the world’s most beautiful and elegant women with thick swaths of burly man-hair. The images burn themselves into your mind like a branding iron.

There is something about Keira Knightley’s mustache and chest hair that lingers in the mind, but hopefully this will be forgotten after a re-watch of Pirates of the Caribbean!