Banana Ice Cream with Edible Peel Makes Ice Cream Even More Fun for Kids

As if delicious banana ice cream needed to get any more fun, Nestle has just released their latest in ice cream innovation.

The company's new PegaPop, released through Nestle's Garoto branch, is a more interactive way to eat ice cream. On the surface, it seems like your run of the mill banana ice cream popsicle, but there's multiple layers to this product, literally. The outside of the popsicle is an edible, banana flavored jelly coating that can be peeled similarly to a real banana pee. Once the outer layer is peeled back, the product reveals a vanilla ice cream centre.

Let's face it, the product is designed for kids too, but we'd be really surprised if adults didn't get a kick out of peeling back their ice cream too. The product also claims to be low in calories and trans fat free. The product was originally launched to great success in Hong Kong and 24 other countries, and is set for launch in the lucrative ice cream market that is Brazil this spring.