The 'Shaker' Baking Product Separates Wet and Dry Ingredients

When it comes to the dry components, there are countless baking product mixes on the market for easily making everything from cookies and pancakes to brownies. However, on the other end, consumers are required to have their own reserve of wet ingredients like oil, eggs, water and milk and add them in separately.

The 'Shaker' by DAVA Foods is an innovative baking product that combines all of the ingredients needed for baking into a single ready-to-use product. The products are separated into two pieces, including a top that's filled with the dry ingredients and a bottom that contains the wet components. For the purposes of easy cooking and baking, there are a number of mixes that have been pre-prepared, including ones for pancakes, waffles and scrambled eggs.

When unopened, this two-piece system has a shelf life of up to eight weeks.