The Conceptual 'KTM Z6B' Keeps Transportation on Hand

 - May 24, 2018
References: tuvie
Personal transportation solutions like scooters are gaming more popularity in urban areas around the world as consumers seek ways to get around on their own terms, which is being acknowledged with concepts like the 'KTM Z6B' backpack vehicle.

Conceptually designed by Manuel Frontini, the vehicle is intended to be worn as a backpack between uses to quickly offer users a way to get around in an instant. The unit is compact, offers a comfortable spot to sit when in operation and even connects to the rider's smartphone to let them keep an eye on the functionality, battery level and more.

The conceptual 'KTM Z6B' backpack vehicle is a perfect futuristic solution for urban consumers who want to get around town in a freestyle manner, while also holding distinct promise as a last-mile transport option.