'Chill' Captures a Unique Secretive and Unedited Human Form

 - Jun 23, 2016
References: chillphotographie & fubiz.net
'Chill' identifies as an indie artist from Strasbourg, France, whose collection of back photography lenses honest and intimate moments with its subjects, with his style reflecting the name he goes by.

As he explains, Chill is attracted to spontaneous and genuine situations -- a preference that is displayed well in his work. His focus is on everyday people, preferring to show unedited photos rather than refined and construed situations.

His back photography captures a certain honesty that comes from his choice to use natural lighting and intimate settings, making for imagery that exposes a sense of vulnerability and closeness. Chill's other work tends to show women of diverse body types in natural states, expanding his candid collection to include more sensual and personal moments.