This Axe Brazil Ad Changes Its Plot Based on User's Interests

 - Sep 3, 2015
References: & netimperative
The Romeo Reboot campaign for Axe Brazil is a mesmerizing commercial that personalizes the ad based on a user's interests. The 'Romeo and Juliet'-inspired video has an impressive 100,000 possible variations and uses likes from a viewer's online profiles to program the video ad and inform the ending.

The 'Romeo Reboot' campaign for Axe Brazil is in Portuguese and separates the Axe target consumer into four potential segments with 25,000 permutations in each segment. Of the 11 scenes in the 'Romeo Reboot' trailer, six vary based on the viewer's profile.

The creative ad spot for Axe Brazil was made by Cubocc, an agency of Interpublic, and is currently being considered as a viable strategy for Unilever's other brands. In order to create the ad campaign, Cubocc worked with research from the firm Box1824.