9 Not So Boring Billboards

 - Jun 30, 2008
References: toxel
This selection of outdoor billboards demonstrates that great creativity can flow from the highway of small town to the blogosphere, where it can generate millions of additional views, thus leading to incredible brand exposure. Companies who believe advertisements in real life are a waste clearly haven't realized the killer impact of posting live ads on the web.

To help you decipher the text, here are more details:

1. A Nestle billboard with birds appearing to be stealing the Morenitas (chocolate covered cookies) straight out of the image
2. A life-sized mannequin is sitting above a billboard that reads, "From up here, I can see BMW of Bridgeport."
3. A guerrilla Canon ad that turns street barriers into Canon cameras
3. A bus shelter that looks like the front counter of a McDonalds
4. FedEx Kinko's ad featuring giant office supplies including whiteout fluid, highlighters and an office lamp
5. Giant Nike soccer ball bursting out of a building
6. An ad for Woodland hiking shoes
7. A giant Ravensburger Puzzle box with an image of the White House popping out from a pile of rubble
8. Ikea on wheels