Avametric Specializes in App Development and Virtual E-Commerce Services

 - Nov 12, 2018
References: itunes.apple & avametric
Fusing the worlds of fashion, computer science and visual effects, tech startup Avametric is behind the world's first augmented reality FittingRoom app. The iOS app lets users create a "clone" that matches their body type and overall appearance, getting the chance to try on garments and see them from all angles before purchasing.

In addition to its popular FittingRoom mobile platform, Avametric has also helped fashion brands in the e-commerce space with its e-commerce try on tool. The interactive tool offers size visualization features and personalized body models much like FittingRoom and has been adopted by companies like Ann Taylor and Alternative Apparel.

Additionally, Avametric is in the process of perfecting a 3D software alongside its partner Gerber Technology, further hoping to help retailers develop more intuitive visualization tools for web-based shops.