The Audi Q2 Air Filter Effectively Keeps Out Allergens

 - May 27, 2016
References: audi-mediacenter & gizmag
Automotive air filters are becoming an increasingly important feature of modern automobiles, thanks to their ability to improve passenger health by keeping out a wide variety of pathogens and other unsavory substances that are a common feature of the urban air in polluted cities.

This is where the Audi Q2's new system comes in. Consisting of a unique outer layer that is able to reduce allergen levels by making use of safe plant-derived materials called polyphenols, this automotive air filter ensures that passengers don't suffer allergic reactions. The contraption is also equipped with a microfiber filter that keeps out tiny particulates, while an active carbon component traps gas impurities.

This automotive air filter will help enhance passenger comfort and health, and goes to show that a well-equipped vehicle is about more than just enjoying a fun ride.