The RubrixAID Automated First Aid Kit Provides Instructions for Care

 - Oct 28, 2017
References: kickstarter
RubrixAID is introducing itself to the world as an automated first aid kit on Kickstarter, aiming to make self-care accessible to all.

As stocked as a first aid kit may be with life-saving essentials, their effectiveness relies on a responder to be able to use the equipment quickly and effectively—for the average person, this is a challenge under under periods of high stress and emergency.

The RubrixAID kit sets itself apart by being a "technologically equipped first aid kit" that features a touschreen that provides easy-to-follow first aid support in response to common injuries. Further guidance is provided in times of need with on-screen animations and audible prompts. As such, the system provides hands-free medical support as it is needed.

As part of its crowdfunding campaign, different prototypes are being introduced, including the RubrixAID Guardian for at-home use and the portable RubrixAID Voyage for travel.