Aura Car Wash Ads Cleverly Psyche Customers Out

 - Mar 22, 2011
References: 1pointsize & copyranter.blogspot
What better way to market your service then to slap your ad right onto the product that you’re servicing like the Aura Car Wash campaign.

Created by 1pointsize advertising agency, the campaign is a bunch of bird poop stickers stuck onto random cars that would be potential customers. This fecal decal reads, "The cleanest way to do the dirty job," and ends with Aura Car Wash followed by its business phone number. The message is simple but very effective and really hits home with all car cleaning services. 

While some may not appreciate the scare of bird poop against their windshield, I think the Aura Car Wash advertising stickers are brilliant and clever. It definitely grabs immediate attention from customers.