From Poop-Powered Volkswagen Beetles to Badass Bug Mods

 - May 9, 2011
With the release of the redesigned Volkswagen Beetle coming ever quicker, I thought it would be a good time to celebrate some of the innovative and creative punch buggies of yesteryear. The Volkswagen Beetle, or Bug, is one of the most enduring automobile designs ever, changing little since its inception in the looks department.

Change can be a good thing, though, especially when it comes to all of these innovative and creative punch buggies. The Bugs featured in this top list won't be found on any dealer lot. Good luck trying to take a poop-powered Bug or a Bugster (a Porsche/Bug mashup) for a spin. Just because you can't drive these cars doesn't mean you can't look on them in awe, so be sure to click through this entire top list to see the best Bug mods, ads and designs from the Trend Hunter archives.