The Donuts from the 'Astronut' Bakery are Inspired by Outerspace

 - Feb 22, 2016
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Mexico City-based bakery 'Astronut' recently teamed up with Super Magic Friend to create a visual identity that is out of this world. With so many independent bakeries and cafes, it can be difficult for small business to catch the eye of consumers. This bakery combines its clever name with eye-catching packaging to put a whole new spin on the traditional donut shop.

Astronut is a new bakery in Mexico City that specializes in producing donuts with a space-inspired theme. In order to convey the bakery's intergalactic identity, the brand teamed up with Super Magic Friend. The creative design team then set about creating a visual identity for the bakery through the use of graphic illustrations on donut packaging and business cards. The most captivating illustration is that of a astronaut in the middle of space, whose helmet cleverly replaces the hole of a donut.