The Artificial Eggs Track the Illegal Trade of Endangered Sea Turtles

 - Oct 30, 2017
References: investeggator & springwise
These artificial eggs are used to track illegal sea turtle egg trafficking. Nicaragua conservation group Paso Pacifico developed the InvestEGGator to deter poachers and reduce wildlife trade. Sea turtles are in danger of extinction and their trade is restricted. The InvestEGGator is an inexpensive solution that uses geotagging technology concealed in decoy turtle eggs.

The artificial eggs contain GSM GPS tracking devices and are planted in sea turtle nests that face a high risk of poaching. Once the InvestEGGator (along with other real eggs) are moved from their original location, the movements of sea turtle egg poachers can be tracked and mapped.

This technology also demonstrates how GPS technology can be used to define weak areas and improve efficiency.