Marc Cain's New Collection

 - Feb 3, 2007
References: marc-cain
Marc Cain has released his new collection. This year, Cain is emphasizing 'ars vivendi', which translates into the 'art of living'."If anyone were to ask him about his life philosophy, Marc cain would be sure to answer: ars vivendi, the art of living..and afer a short pause would smile and add: ...and of loving.With this Italian piece of wisdom, he wold have described a certain culture, characterised by a sense of aestheticism and the art of mixing it with nonchalance and naturalness. Combine this with the expectation of exclusivity and the search for something new -let's call it innovative thinking - and you get corporate culture of Marc Cain. Marc Cain is the trends on the international catwalks interpreted for a specific woman. A self-confident, feminine woman. full of fantasy, fascinating. Not bound to a single nacionality. And always with the highest expectations when it comes to quality, design and fit. Marc Cain is innovate thinking, in other words: using the latest production techniques to transpose the spirit of the times into unusual, unexpected materials, new yarns like modified linen, and a wide variety of optons for combining. What we expect of ourselves is always the succesful symbiosis of Italian class and German precision."