Bath and Body Works' Aromatherapy Collection Features Essential Oils

 - Sep 3, 2017
References: instagram & hellogiggles
Bath and Body Works recently introduced its Aromatherapy collection, which includes everything from lip balms and body lotions to hand creams.

The six main blends of oils that can be seen throughout the collection aim to inspire different responses, such as Stress Relief, Comfort, Sleep, Happiness, as well as Energy and Focus. The collection spotlights natural essential oils, such as eucalyptus and spearmint for soothing, as well as energizing ginger and orange. To fit the theme of its Aromatherapy collection, Bath and Body Works created a series of packages for the products that boast old world apothecary-inspired designs.

Alongside the skincare items in the Aromatherapy collection, there are also a few items for the home like candles, oil plug-ins and even aromatic room sprays.