This Aquatic Editorial is Instantly Refreshing

 - Jul 24, 2014
References: mossandmeadows & c-heads
Accomplishing this aquatic editorial for C-Heads took a lot of effort for photographer Asher Moss and his beautiful subject (and girlfriend!) Melodi Meadows.

The duo, who recently launched their eponymous company 'Moss & Meadows,' were not fazed by the challenges of getting into the cerulean blue waters -- they'll do anything to get the perfect shot! They explain, "But getting down to the water would require much more than we had anticipated. Trespassing signs, 12’ fences, guard dogs, thorn bushes, steep banks, quicksand, and well, the water between the water. But after several attempts we got there[...]It’s pretty incredible the situations we've gotten ourselves into in order to get the shots we want."

With her dyed-blue hair, smudged makeup and sultry stare, Meadows looks like a sexy sea siren.